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renu Beach Lodge is located in Brenu Akyinim, near Elmina, Ghana, and about 20km from the Elmina Castle. Featuring an award winning restaurant, comfortable and clean ocean-view rooms, and a pristine and clean private beach area, it is the perfect place to get-away and unplug.

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We offer the best of facilities at our place to get your comfy and feel at home here at Brenu. Enjoy our rooms and all the perks that come along to make your stay memorable

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Our restaurant has the best of foods available in the whole of Ghana. Our menus are filled with amazing gourmet dishes that will whet your appetite and make filled with joy

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Our amazing and well-trained staff will always be at your call to make your stay at our inn enjoyable. We will treat you like the royalty you are and make you feel happy.

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Our Rooms

Honeymoon Room

The Honeymoon Room has a bed for a couple. For room cost please call us on(+233) 24 415 8675 / (+233) 54 123 5648 Room Capacity Maximum Occupancy...

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Double Bed Room

Double Bed has beds for 2 people. For room cost please call us on(+233) 24 415 8675 / (+233) 54 123 5648 Room Capacity Maximum Occupancy = 2...

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Family Room

Family Room has beds for 2 Adults and 3 Children. For room cost please call us on(+233) 24 415 8675 / (+233) 54 123 5648 Room Capacity Maximum...

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2018 Guest Review Awards (8.5/10)

Brenu Beah Lodge has won countless of awards till date. We have won awards for our hospitality, our restaurant and cuisine, customer service, and many others.

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At Brenu Beach Lodge we are offering memories, a way of life, and a community filled with love. Join us and be a part of this wonderful journey.

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